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We protect OT (SCADA / ICS / DCS). Why OT  it's not IT and how to deal with it?

OT vs IT

What we offer

ASTORIA Cyber offer many years of specialisation in Cybersecurity solutions for organisations that use OT networks. 

Compliance with Regulations

There are too many available standards and regulations in cybersecurity to list here but every one of them assists in achieving an appropriate level of cyber security or to get the approval from the regulator. Get in touch and recieve the full list


ASTORIA is addressing to the critical system industry’s a unique Cybersecurity SCADA Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our SOC is key to an efficient cybersecurity solution as it acts like a cyber control room with an integrated combination of processes, people and technology to detect, analyze, respond to, and report on cybersecurity incidents.
Come to visit our SOC.

Mapping and Assets Management

Do you have full control over your OT and IT assets? You probably don’t know exactly how many PLCs, HMI's connectors, firmware versions,  RTUs, network switches, FW, IP adresses and so on you manipulate. Let us map the assets and define the vulnerability of each asset


Our survey endeavors to explore the risk question more deeply as it relates to critical systems organizations’ OT environments, where the wireless, IoT, wired and cloud devices are being added exponentially.

 Our survey provides valuable insight into a sector wide lack of preparation, coordination and education regarding OT vulnerability to hackers and other digitalization threats. 

Cyber Integration

Our services includes design and implementation of security solutions for infrastructure, application and data protection
Also, design and implementation of access management solution for internal and external employees (including customers): IDS, IPS, SIEM, FW and network planning

Consulting for the Board of directrors

Managers acknowledge Cybersecurity as an urgent wide issue, but they failing to make the combination between the pervasiveness of cyber threats and their companies’ vulnerabilities. Today's Cybersecurity concerns took us to worry about regulatory and reputational cyber risks. We understand what the responsibility rests on your shoulders, let us present you with a true mirror image.




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