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and Regulation

Compliance and Regulation

There are too many available standards and regulations in OT cybersecurity field to list here but every one of them assists in achieving an appropriate level of cyber security or to get the approval from the regulator.

We work with many organizations to deal with regulations and government offices, especially energy, space and environmental protection.

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IR and Social engineering

By leading methodologies and ASTORIA's private methods we will apply pressure on your IT and OT environment, then we will train your teams (the future IR-Incident response team) to deal with these kinds of attacks.

Your IT and cyber teams will acquire knowledge and capabilities to lead through cyber crisis, by make exercises based on real life experience.

We will give you a score based on how well your employees are aware of cyber threats and their prevention.

IR and Social engineering

and threat detection

Our solution giving you A real-time, up to date visual mapping of your entire network, including IP and non-IP devices (Fieldbus, serial). Detect both known vulnerability exploits (CVEs) and undocumented, "zero-day" attacks.

We will provide a map view of the network topology, divided into sub-networks, indicating each edge device such as PLCs, RTUs etc.

Our report contains traffic analysis tools, which provide:


Log files with all violations

Log files for the maintenance process

Traffic statistics of links in the network

Performance-over-time graphs for selected links

Vulnerability and threat detection

Risk Assessment and policies

Analyze and boost security and safety of ICS, SCADA, and IoT.

Our approach is tuned to address cybersecurity aspects across traditional IT, and OT including in industrial manufacturing, critical infrastructures, national utilities and IT networks.

You will get a report which presents the critical (and uncritical) risks of your systems and business.

In additions we will write for you a set of procedures to deal with cyber security.

Risk Assessment & Policies


OT Cyberseurity. The hacker will be 1 step before you, Be 2 steps before him.

We protect people,

then, companies


Blasting of a transformer, skyscraper without air conditioning, high fluoride in drinking water, an uncontrolled automatic storage, excessive insulin injection, loss of contact with a GPS satellite, ammonia released into the air are all real events that could have been avoided. Talk to us.

OT Cyber intelligence.

know what you don't know.

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Security rating

Scoring your vendors's, suppliers's and customers's cyber security rating by measurement of cybersecurity business risks

Cyber insurance

Rate your or your partners cybersecurity risk level by (inter)national standards to evaluate risks for insurance estimation

The hacker is taking advantage of the time you are still have doubts.

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Contact us

Haomanut 6, Netanya, Israel

 +972 1599 504000

Contact us

Haomanut 6, Netanya, Israel

 +972 1599 504000

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